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disk space is filled up - MT4 freezes

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Trader 2007.12.16 07:10 
I have several charts open, one chart seems to cause a problem when i switch to the 1 min period.
It causes MT4 to freeze up, and then all free disk space on C:\ drive is used up.

i.e. 145GB and even more if I free up more space after that .

Is a big problem and i need to kill of the MT4 process.

Is this simply a badly written indicator?
It has only started happening after i install a demo of GFT dealbook 360.
Is there a conflict in libraries? Malicious rivalry?

I am on Vista. Is it a Microsoft error catching thing that gets out of control?

Trader 2007.12.16 10:46 

It is very unlikely that you problem is an interaction between DealBook and MT4. The timing
of the trouble is probably a coincidence.


A misbehaving MT4 indicator or EA can fill you up with log files. The logs are text files, use notepad/wordpad
or other text reader to read them.

Search the MT4 directories for log files. They can be deleted. Check the sizes for monster logs.

Using Windows, select the MT4 main directory and search for *.log


Start MT4, Open the terminal, experts tab, watch for messages... There may be a few normally,
they should not keep coming and coming. Messages in the terminal go to log files. Look for clues.


Try to cause the problem (briefly), and kill MT4 if you have to.

Check for clues in the logs.

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