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indian nifty charts

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Trader 2009.11.16 18:31 

Fellow traders!

Hope many like me are trying to learn the trading lessons MT4. I, along with similar people would like to pour tonnes of love towards MQL4 people for giving the ladder for learning the trading technique.

Coming to the point without wasting much of time - we people in India are not able to the get the NIFTY charts with the platform downloaded from I use to get the same from the version that was downloaded from GCI Financials. Tonnes of thanks to GCI. The problem is, we are let indire straits and darkness quite often with no live charts coming in.

I hope the will make some arrangements so that we will get the NIFTY Futures live charts along with charts such as Hang Seng, Nikkei, Ftse, Cac, Dax etc. I think my HUMBLE request will be taken into consideration.

Awaiting for a fantastic solution.

With regards and love

Kasthuri krishnan, Oddanchatram

Trader 2009.11.22 23:44 
is it same like php mysqkl
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