Do you already use coupons issued by your broker to pay for MetaTrader 5 services?

MetaQuotes Software Corp.

1 March 2017

During the iFX EXPO Asia 2017 in Hong Kong, we officially announced the launch of the Coupons service. This new service allows brokers to support their traders willing to purchase applications and services for the MetaTrader platforms — from virtual hosting to trading signals subscriptions. The new service is an important tool for motivating and encouraging active traders, as well as expanding a client base.

MQL5 Coupons

A coupon is a text code to be inserted in the payment form on the or the MetaTrader platforms. Brokers can generate 4 types of coupons that you can use in your payments:

Using the service is simple: a broker generates a coupon and sends it to you along with the necessary instructions. Insert the obtained code to the payment form:

Do you want to try the paid services of the MetaTrader platforms for free? Ask your broker if it has available coupons.