New version of MetaTrader 4 build 186

Última atualização da MetaTrader 4

10 novembro 2005

MetaTrader4. Build 186

What's new:
1. Extended the field for account password. Password maximum length is 15 characters;
2. Fixed error of setting up alerts for symbols longer than 6 characters;
3. Improved operation of the terminal through Data Center;
4. Fixed setting of hot keys for Windows 98;
5. Fixed saving of ray properties for Fibonacci Channel;
6. Fixed the LocalTime() function;
7. Fixed template loading;
8. Fixed experts initialization when switching between accounts
9. Added displaying of arrows at the chart in the tester when pending orders trigger;
10. Fixed stop-orders processing during testing;
11. Improved displaying of logs at disabled auto scroll;
12. The value of the price level of the nearest object point will appear in tooltips, not that of the current cursor position;
13. The property of «Draw object as background» is kept for triangle objects;
14. Fixed displaying of the time in the «Market Watch» window header when the account switches between servers in different time zones;
15. In of testing and optimization tabs the selected strings only are copied to the clipboard. If there are no selected strings, all strings will be copied;
16.The MarketInfo() function returns real values for all symbols, not only for futures, when using MODE_TICKVALUE или MODE_TICKSIZE;
17. Fixed control over experts launching when changing the symbol list in the «Market Watch» window;
18. Fixed calling of the Alert() function when initializing a script;
19. Introduced a new code of error 147 «Setting of expiry date prohibited by broker»;
20. Fixed pending orders modification dialogue the property of using the expiry time being prohibited;
21. Updating based on crashlogs;
22. Updated MetaEditor dictionary.