New version of MetaTrader 4 build 191

Última atualização da MetaTrader 4

1 março 2006

New MetaTrader 4 build 191 has been released.

What's new:
1. Fixed error of outgoing traffic increasing when computer has been working for more than a month.
2. Added possibility to work via proxy servers with NTLM authorization.
3. When a transaction is transferred from history, SHIFT being pressed, a trendline will be set that connects order opening and closing points.
4. Developed data center settings saving separately attached to each account.
5. Fixed opening of a new chart window at great amount of securities available.
6. Levels of the last price are shown in offline charts.
7. Added possibility of grouped moving of selected objects if their node points are in immediate proximity to each other (within 2 pixels).
8. Errors of uninitialized strings are not output in the experts log.
9. Added normalization of lot values returned by OrderLots() and MarketInfo() functions.
10. Fixed working of ObjectGetFiboDescription() and ObjectSetFiboDescription() functions, as well as description of these functions in MetaEditor Dictionary.
11. The «#property library» feature of the source code does not cancel the start() function, i.e., the library can be launched as a script or as an expert if the start() function is available in it.
12. In the absence of the start() function, MQL4 program cannot be launched, i.e., the unavailable start() function will not be replaced with the first function of MQL4 program now.
13. MQL4: All expressions to be calculated at a global level, beyond all the functions, are deleted.
14. MQL4: The StringSetText() function allows to add a symbol to a string if the position points at the end of the string.
15. Tester: Fixed swaps calculation for securities.
16. Tester: Fixed working with nonGTC symbols.
17. Fixed error causing, in some cases, early initializing of experts.
18. Corrected free margin calculation immediately after the position has been opened.
19. Corrected modeling quality calculation.
20. Corrected balance changes graph in the detailed report of the account history.
21. Added «Execution Errors» topic to the MetaEditor Dictionary.
22. Added anchoring feature for the third point of FiboExpansion.
23. Added checking for the maximum positive integer amount of bars in history in the «Tools — Options — Charts».
24. Enhanced the drawing accuracy of the second line of ’Equidistant Channel’.