Guía de ayuda de MetaTrader 4
Guía de ayuda de MetaTrader 4User InterfaceChart Switching Bar

Chart Switching Bar

This is a bar that contains tabs of charts that are currently open in the terminal. It is located below the chart window:

Chart Switching Bar

This bar is used for switching between charts currently open in the terminal by clicking on their tabs. Besides the name of the financial security the tab shows the chart period. You can close a chart by clicking with the mouse wheel on the chart tab.

The context menu of the bar tabs contains the following commands:

  • Close – close the selected chart. The same action can be performed by pressing the middle mouse button at the chart tab;
  • Maximize – maximize the active chart window to the whole viewing area;
  • Minimize – minimize the active chart. In this case only chart window header will remain in viewing area;
  • Restore – show the active chart in a window mode;
  • Windows – call the chart managing window. The same action can be performed by pressing Alt+W key combination;
  • Tile Windows – arrange chart windows as a tile. The same action can be performed by pressing Alt+R key combination.

Chart Managing Window #

This window allows to manage open charts.


The window contains the list of charts that are currently open. In order to move to one of them, one should click twice on it in the list, or select it and press the "Activate" button. The "Close" button is used for closing a chart selected in the list.