New MetaTrader 4 Build 210

Última atualização da MetaTrader 4

11 setembro 2007

New MetaTrader 4 build 210 has been released.

What's new:
1. Fixed displaying of profits В«as Term CurrencyВ» for futures.
2. Tester: removed the checkbox В«RecalculateВ». Now the testing sequence is generated each time anew at clicking В«StartВ».
3. Tester: improved the generation algorithm in every tick modeling mode.
4. Tester: improved the change of quotes receiving speed at visual testing.
5. Tester: added counting and displaying errors of lower timeframes mismatch at testing sequences generation.
6. Tester: changed the formulations, describing modeling modes. Added into the tester report notifying messages when using modes of modeling В«control pointsВ» and В«open prices onlyВ».
7. Tester: changed the algorithm of formating the final value of an optimized parameter. Now 0 can be indicated as this value.
8. MQL4: fixed MessageBox() function operation in endless cycled scripts.
9. MQL4: fixed memory leakage at the attempt to access a non-existent custom indicator from the Expert Advisor.
10. MQL4: fixed error of transforming a constant date, falling on 1970.01.01.
11. MQL4: fixed compiler error in processing the bit operation NOT with constant expression.
12. Replaced the hot key of current profile changing. Instead of F5 now Ctrl+F5 should be used.
13. Improved the formation of a balance chart when displaying the trades history report. Now pending orders are not displayed on the chart.
14. Added the Estonian Language.