Notes de version : MetaTrader 4

Plateforme de Trading pour le Forex MetaTrader 4

15 mai 2015
MetaTrader 4 Android build 770
  • Affichage du graphique améliorée.
  • Augmentation de la vitesse de connexion au serveur.
  • Correction de la fermeture des ordres avec la propriété "long only" (lorsque seul l'achat est autorisé).
  • Ajout du tri sur les onglets "Trade" et "Historique".
  • Ajout de la surbrillance des instruments inactifs.
  • Ajout de la possibilité de décaler le graphique.
  • Diverses corrections et améliorations.
26 mars 2015
MetaTrader 4 Android build 762
  • Ajout de l'affichage du profit/perte dans la fenêtre de fermeture de l'ordre.
  • Nouveau panneau pour un accès rapide aux principaux onglets.
  • Couleurs ajoutées au graphique des prix.
  • Ajouts des traductions en thaï et ukrainien de l'interface utilisateur.
  • Améliorations et corrections de bugs.
27 février 2015
MetaTrader 4 Android build 758
Mise à jour pour Android 4.0 et versions ultérieures. Le support de l'application pour les anciennes d'Android est terminé, mais sont toujours disponibles en téléchargement.
  • Modification de la conception de l'application pour être compatible avec le Guide Google Style.
  • Nouvelles Ajoutées.
  • Périodes W1 et MN ajoutées.
  • Journal ajouté pour afficher des informations sur tous les événements et les opérations de trading.
  • Traductions grecques et portugaises ajoutées, traduction tchèque mise à jour.
  • Corrections de bugs.
16 février 2015
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 764
  • Une nouvelle option permet de créer un compte de démonstration anonyme pour démarrer rapidement avec l'application. L'ouverture d'un compte ne nécessite pas d'enregistrer des données et est réalisée en un seul clic.
  • La langue vietnamienne a été ajoutée.
  • Diverses corrections et améliorations.
20 janvier 2015
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 761
  • Prise en charge des processeurs 64 bits.
  • Optimisation interne du chat : amélioration de la synchronisation des messages et mise à jour du design.
  • Le support des nouvelles a été amélioré. L'application supporte maintenant les contenus riches et multimédias, mais aussi le téléchargement des nouvelles manquantes lors de la connexion au serveur.
  • La langue malaise a été ajoutée.
  • Diverses corrections et améliorations.
25 octobre 2014
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 709
Added iOS 8 compatibility.
4 septembre 2014
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 667
  • Added an option for editing the levels of indicators and objects
  • Allowed specification of Stop Loss and Take Profit when opening a position for a symbol with the Market Execution type
  • Added Portuguese and Greek translations
  • Minor fixes and improvements
3 juillet 2014
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 655
  • Added support for the VoiceOver feature
  • Added Indonesian language
  • Minor fixes and improvements
30 mai 2014
MetaTrader 4 Android build 636
  • Added message categories. Personal messages and notifications, desktop MetaTrader 4/5 messages, as well as broker messages are now displayed separately for more convenience.
  • Fixed a few errors in chart display.
  • Fixed trade server connection errors.
  • Added translations into Arabic and Indonesian.
  • Updated translations into Czech, French, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
18 avril 2014
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 589
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the notification service with some devices
  • Fixed occasional incorrect matching of a trade server to a selected account
15 avril 2014
MetaTrader 4 Android build 592
  • Accelerated trading, as trade requests are now sent without an additional connection (new trade servers only).
  • Enhanced application stability.
  • Improved interface translation.
  • Fixed occasional errors when closing orders.
  • Fixed default colors in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the data window.
  • Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
2 avril 2014
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 587
  • Added 24 new graphic objects for technical analysis: lines, channels, Gann and Fibonacci tools, Elliott Waves and geometric shapes.
  • Completely revised design in favor of iOS 7 flat style.
  • Added ability to shift the chart - tap and hold it to enter the edit mode.
  • Improved usability: swipe to the right on an open position or order cell to access the actions menu when using your iPhone, or tap the chart to enter its options in your iPad.
  • Increased trading speed when connected to new trade servers.
  • The minimum required operating system version is iOS 5.0.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements.
17 mars 2014
MetaTrader 4 Android build 590
  • Accelerated trading, as trade requests are now sent without an additional connection (new trade servers only).
  • Enhanced application stability.
  • Improved interface translation.
  • Fixed occasional errors when closing orders.
  • Fixed default colors in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the data window.
  • Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
2 octobre 2013
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 505
  • When switching time frames, the chart is shifted to the last quote
  • added About section, which also allows you to manage sound alerts, news and screen auto-lock mode
  • significantly revised Chat:
    • all previous messages are uploaded automatically
    • increased message limit up to 1000 characters
    • added registration and authorization at directly from MetaTrader4
    • improved working with contacts, added login autocomplete function when searching
    • all discussions are divided into Recent and Other
  • fixed a few errors
10 juillet 2013
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 501

Full support for iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPad Retina and iPad mini (smartphones older than iPhone 3 GS are not supported) Completely redesigned charts:

  • significantly accelerated rendering
  • added inertial scrolling
  • increased number of scaling steps
  • quick edit mode (press and hold on chart to enable) - ability to resize, move and delete indicator windows directly from chart
  • ability to change chart color scheme
  • Added W1 and MN1 timeframes
  • Added news and mailbox
  • Added sound notification when performing trade operations
  • Encoding of non-Latin characters is now determined by the current system language
  • Fixed errors

Added iPad version which contains all the iPhone version functions, as well as:

  • Displaying up to four charts simultaneously, every chart has its own individual settings
  • Various options for arranging chart windows
  • Handy toolbox window with adjustable height to display orders, trade history, emails, news and journal
  • Quick navigation to the close and modification dialogs by tapping position or order
  • Detailed view of parameters by tapping position or order in the Trade and History tabs
  • Searching over the trade history and journal
  • One click trading from chart
23 janvier 2013
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 444
  • Added ability to arrange a chat conversation with any registered user. To do this, specify MetaQuotes ID in profile.
  • Added categorization of messages. All messages received from the system are divided into 5 types according to their senders: Chat, Broker, Terminal, Community and Other.
  • Improved server list download
  • Added the possibility to change an account password
  • Added quick view of an account summary data
  • Added Polish and Czech languages
  • Fixed errors
26 octobre 2012
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 437
  • Fixed an error leading to the application crash when logging to an account with unsaved password.
  • Fixed an error that could occasionally lead to the application crash in iOS 6.
  • Some minor fixes.
6 octobre 2012
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 436
  • Added the background mode support for iPhone 3GS\4\4S and iPad. When the application is closed, it switches to the background mode saving the current operating state. The next launch of the application occurs almost immediately from where it was stopped.
  • Optimized traffic usage.
  • Added the audio signal when receiving a push notification. The signal can be disabled in notification settings.
  • Fixed errors.
6 juillet 2012
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 427
  • Push notifications from the desktop terminal and services.
  • Added languages: Russian, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Arabic.
  • Error fixes.
3 mai 2012
MetaTrader 4 iPhone build 420
  • Added the "Crosshair" mode for easy viewing of the date, price or indicator value at the selected point of the chart.
  • Added display of OHLC prices on charts.
  • Added the Data Window for viewing indicator values at the specified point of the chart.
  • Fixes for reported bugs.