New MetaTrader 5 iOS features one-click demo account opening, improved chat and support for 64-bit architecture


5 5月 2015

MetaTrader 5 iOS what's new, or why do you need to download the latest build immediately:

  1. Now, you can open demo accounts in a single click for convenience. You do not need to specify your registration information when opening such an account.
  2. Optimized the internal chat for better message synchronization and design.
  3. Support for 64-bit architecture improves the application performance on the new Apple devices (starting with iPhone 5s and iPad Air).
  4. Added the Ask line to the charts at the requests of the users.
  5. Accelerated the process of sending a trade request.
  6. Improved the display of the financial news content. Also, added the option for automatic news line filtration by language.

New MetaTrader 5 iOS

The updated application features a separate category of messages notifying of the virtual hosting status. The platform localization process is progressing in full speed - interface translations in Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Ukrainian languages have been added.

Update the MetaTrader 5 iOS right now and experience all the new developments.