New MetaTrader 4 Build 213

MetaTrader 4の最新のアップロード

17 3月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 213 has been released.

What's new:
1. Tester: At strategy optimization, fixed check of testing limit triggering, if there are no open positions.
2. Tester: Disabled check of testing limits at genetic optimization.
3. Tester: Optimized history uploading.
4. Tester: Fixed error of displaying the spread in the settings of the symbol under test.
5. Tester: Fixed triggering check for stop orders and pending orders.
6. MQL4: Fixed optimizer error. In some cases, it committed inaccuracy in dividing a number with floating point by a constant.
7. MQL4: Fixed error of the function GlobalVariablesTotal(). The function always returned 0, if there were no calls to the list of global variables.
8. MQL4: Fixed error of the function iBarShift(), in some cases of search for zero bar in monthly timeframes.
9. MQL4: Fixed error of memory overflow when calling to the function функции iStdDevOnArray().
10. MQL4: Fixed operation of the function IsConnected().
11. Fixed error of reading the parameter of naming fonts for text labels.
12. MetaEditor: Added Chinese Dictionary.
13. The digital signature of our company is added to all executable files.