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The "Exposure" tab contains the summary information about the state of assets by all open positions.


The information is displayed in the from of a table that contains the following fields:

  • Asset – the name of a currency or symbol;
  • Volume – the volume of a client's position (in units) by the given position or symbol considering leverage;
  • Rate – the rate of currency or symbol to the deposit currency;
  • Deposit Currency – this column displays the amount of actually spent deposit currency (leverage is not considered) on buying/selling a currency or a symbol;
  • Graph – the graphical displaying of client's position in the currency of deposit (long positions are displayed with blue stripes and short positions are displayed with red ones).

The assets of account by the deposit currency are displayed considering free margin.

Diagram #

There is a possibility of viewing the information by long and short positions in the form of a diagram. To switch between diagrams, one should press on their names or use the context menu.

Context Menu #

The context menu of this tab allows executing the following commands:

  • Diagram – open the submenu of diagram managing:
  • Long Positions – show the circle diagram by long positions;
  • Short Positions – show the diagram by short positions;
  • Hide – hide the diagram;
  • Copy – copy the selected line to the clipboard;
  • Grid – show/hide grid to separate table fields;
  • Auto Arrange – enable/disable automatic resizing of columns in case window size is changed.