Specialized editor for creating trading robots and technical indicators

The MQL4 programs are developed in the built-in MetaEditor.  It is a convenient and versatile tool for developing Expert Advisors, custom indicators, scripts and libraries of any complexity which are then used in the platform. Ready-made applications automatically appear in MetaTrader 4 and can be launched immediately.

Build-in MetaEditor for trading robots, technical indicators and scripts development

MetaEditor recognizes various patterns of the language. It suggests tips on how to use functions and highlights various elements of the program source code. Thus, the editor enhances navigation in the source code of trading programs and speeds up the development process.

The built-in debugger and code profiler make the development much easier. The debugger finds and eliminates errors, while the profiler detects the slowest parts of the code and optimizes the program operation.

MetaEditor in MetaTrader 4 features:

  • Convenient editing of the MQL4/MQL5 source code
  • Automatic project generation by the MQL4/MQL5 Wizard template 
  • Enhanced tools for the smart code management: syntax highlighting, autosubstitution, going to definitions, etc. 
  • Built-in compilation tools 
  • Convenient debugging tools
  • Built-in code profiler
  • Integrated MQL5 Storage to store your source codes 
  • Collaborative remote development of applications via projects 
  • Integrated MQL4 and MQL5 Help
  • Access to articles, Code Base and

Download MetaTrader 4 and evaluate the convenience of developing trading programs!

Download MetaTrader 4 and start developing a trading robot