How to become a signal provider

Additional income for successful traders

If you are an experienced trader with a successful strategy, you can become a trading signal supplier and increase your earnings! Traders can copy your transactions and pay you for this service.

Register as a Seller on website and enable the monitoring of your trading account. Millions of traders will be able to view and subscribe to your signal, while you will receive your payment.

  • Create an account (or log in if you have already registered). Among many other things, the enables the interactions between traders.

Create an account to be listed in Trading Signals service

  • Submit your personal data in order to register as a Seller.

Registration as a Trading Signals Provider is a final step before listing

  • Now, register your account as a source of trading signals and set the desired price.

The creation of a signal is a final, quite fast and easy procedure — after that other traders will be able to subscribe to the signal

After verification, the signal appears in the showcase and it becomes available to millions of traders for subscription. As you can see, everything is simple! Keep up the good work and earn more from your subscribers!

Visit and become a signal provider

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