MetaQuotes Software launches the Market of brokerage solutions for MetaTrader 5


24 January 2018

MetaQuotes Software has announced the launch of the marketplace of third-party solutions for MetaTrader 5. The new service will enable financial technology providers to directly offer their goods and services to brokers. The purpose of the Market is to provide clients access to a wide range of MetaTrader 5 solutions from leading global integration companies.

Some of the major industry players have already joined the Market, and the range of featured products is gradually expanding. Everyone will benefit from the launch of the new marketplace, including brokers and integrators. Brokers can access a plethora of third-party MetaTrader 5 applications through MetaQuotes' official service. Integration companies can promote their solutions to all institutional users of the platform via this new marketing channel. The new B2B service is expected to stimulate the market and accelerate migration to MetaTrader 5.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

"We are very pleased to have been selected to be included in the exciting new third party MetaTrader 5 solutions market," Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i comments. "This will greatly increase the visibility of our range of MetaTrader 5 products. We are already seeing an increase in sales of MetaTrader 5 related products — our Gold-i MetaTrader 5 Gateway, our MAM for MetaTrader 5, our business intelligence and risk management tool, Visual Edge; and our liquidity management platform, Matrix. The Gold-i Crypto Switch, which provides access to leading global crypto exchanges and crypto liquidity providers, is also proving to be popular.We expect that the new service will create further sales opportunities for us as MetaTrader 5 brokers worldwide will be more informed about Gold-i’s products."

"oneZero has been a leading provider of connectivity solutions for the MetaTrader platform for nearly a decade," Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero says. "We are happy for brokers to be presented a reliable means to access quality, tested solutions via MetaQuotes' new marketplace. For many years, they struggled to identify which technology companies provided reliable solutions for MetaTrader platforms. The launch of the new Market has finally solved this problem."

MetaQuotes Software launches the Market of brokerage solutions for MetaTrader 5

"The launch of a single marketplace with up-to-date information about new technologies and applications for MetaTrader 5 is an important event for the entire market," Alexei Kutsenko, the Founder and CEO of Tools for Brokers comments on the launch of the service. "Similar to the Market of trading robots for traders, this unique site for institutional clients will enable brokers to keep abreast of the latest developments and find necessary solutions for their business. Participating in this project as a vendor, we can effectively inform our clients about our new products."