Updated Version: MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 183

Release Notes: MetaTrader 4

6 October 2005

New Version of MetaTrader4 Client Terminal build 183 compatible with operational system of Windows 98 SE has been released. All terminal users working in Windows 98 SE are recommended to reinstall the terminal manually using the new installation file.

The new build includes the following changes:
1. New version of the Alerts window, sizing being possible;
2. New dialog of the chart list to be called by Alt+W;
3. Periods of 60, 240, 1440 minutes can be specified in В«PublisherВ»;
4. The Properties window will appear when Text or Label objects are created;
5. Added functionality to call New order window by double clicking on the symbol in the В«Popup PricesВ» window;
6. Added ability to use predefined profiles; when switching between accounts, the profile will be loaded the name of which corresponds precisely with the account number;
7. Fixed error consisting in the unnecessary recalling of the expert advisor after initialization;
8. In tester, when generating data, spread is checked whether it equals 0; if yes, the difference between the latest bids and asks will apply;
9. Permitted to download templates from any directory, not only from that of /templates;
10. At testing, if there are indicators in the tester.tpl template, these are these indicators that are output at the chart opening, and indicators used by the expert advisor under test will not be output;
11. In MQL4, added the HideTestIndicators() function with the help of which one can hide indicators completely or selectively when opening testing chart;
12. Modified dialog of changing passwords: the type of the password to be changed is explicitly specified;
13. Fixed error of impossibility to change password if the current account was authorized as an investor's one;
14. Fixed error of В«trade context busyВ»;
15. Fixed error of quotes buffering in DDE;
16. Added new modes in MarketInfo() function; more details can be found in the in-built Help of MetaEditor;
17. Added reading/modifying Fibo levels from expert advisors;
18. In the texts describing Fibo levels, one can specify macro %$ instead of which a corresponding price will be inserted;
19. When testing, a necessary amount of data only will be taken from History Center, not the complete bases anymore;
20. Added Bulgarian and Korean interfaces;
21. Added sorting of Account History;
22. Updated MetaEditor dictionary;
23. Fixed errors of news duplication and reading of empty news messages;
24. Simplified the window of custom indicator settings;
25. Fixed errors of В«ping failedВ» occurring during trading;
26. Fixed error of deinitialization of custom indicator when changing symbol or period;
27. Fixed error of scale latchup;
28. Fixed error of SMTP authorization at some mailing servers;
29. Fixed erroneous rounding of swaps in the В«Symbol propertiesВ» window;
30. Fixed saving the ray property in В«Trend by angleВ» objects;
31. In MQL4, the FileSeek() function returns logical value В«boolВ»;
32. When testing, expert processes files in its own directory /tester/files;
33. Fixed errors according to crash logs.