New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 188

Release Notes: MetaTrader 4

12 January 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 188 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Modify Order Window: Stop levels are defined under taking the minimal permissible levels above/below the market price into consideration.
2. New Order Window: Added displaying of price levels in tick chart + new colors.
3. New Order Window: Added automated replacing of zero prices (0.0000) with the market ones at the fisrt modification.
4. New Order Window: Added notification dialog for an early refuse to trade.

5. Experts: Added automated deletion of expert logs in 5 days.

6. Fixed updating error of the last known server time.
7. The Background property remains in objects of TextLabel and Text.
8. Added the balance chart in the «Detailed» report of trading history.
9. Fixed deletion of objects from the chart during deinitialization of scripts and experts at closing of the terminal.
10. Remade and essentially enlarged the built-in Help files in Russian for the terminal.
11. Remade the MetaEditor Dictionary in Russian.
12. Fixed saving of MagicNumber at manual confirmation of trades from experts.
13. Fixed deletion of pending orders at manual confirmation during the OrderDelete() function execution from experts.

14. Fixed the MarketInfo() function at using of MODE_MINLOT, MODE_LOTSTEP.
15. When working in the investor mode, one cannot call any trade dialog windows.
16. Fixed dialog window of file opening and saving in MetaEditor.
17. Fixed the account currency output in the tool tip appearing when the cursor is placed over the account number in the «Navigator» window.
18. MQL4: Fixed processing of ’continue’ inside of the ’switch’ operator in compiler.
19. MQL4: Removed constraints for the operational buffer capacity of 4KB for operations with strings.
20. MQL4: Introduced the new encoding of EX4 files, they are much more difficult to decode now.
21. MQL4: Added new functions named ScreenShot and SendFTP.
22. MQL4: Completely removed the SpeechText function.

23. MQL4: Removed functions named ObjectSetVisibility and ObjectGetVisibility, ObjectSet and ObjectGet with corresponding parameters to be used instead.
24. MQL4: Fixed the FirstVisibleBar function.
25. MQL4: Introduced new properties in description of indicators #property indicator_styleN, indicator_widthN, indicator_levelcolor, indicator_levelstyle, indicator_levelwidth.
26. Tester: Fixed error of placing of mistaken SL and TP in pending orders.
27. Tester: Fixed error of pending order price modification.
28. Tester: Fixed error of profits converting into the deposit currency.
29. Tester: Testing limiting dates are shown in reports.
30. Tester: Fixed error of partial position closing named CloseBy.

31. Tester: Fixed recalculation of margin requirements.

32. Tick history for Market Watch is stored separately for each server.
33. Added viewing of emails in HTML format.
34. Improved operation of DDE.
35. Fixed triggering of Trailing Stop when the TP order level has been approached.
36. Improved sorting of open positions when tested.
37. Added the «Copy All» pop-up menu string at copying of lines of optimization and testing results.
38. Improved working through Data Center.

39. Improved pumping of charts at re-connections. 40. Indicators: Fixed the shift parameter in Standard Deviation.

41. New Order: Added support for hotkeys of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V at prices setting.
42. MetaEditor: Added integrated access to web site. It is very easy to access to any script published at now.
43. MetaEditor: Expanded and remade Functions Dictionary.
44. MetaEditor: Changed the compiler version. All MQL4 programs will be recompiled forcedly.
45. MetaEditor: All settings have been removed from the registry.

45. A variety of small modifications.