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MetaEditor is a constituent of the client terminal. It is intended for creation, editing, and compilation of program source codes written in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4). It can be used in developing of experts, custom indicators, scripts and DLL's.

Expert Advisors Wizard is built in the editor to assist in fast creation of new MQL4 programs. The new file will be saved in the corresponding folder of the client terminal automatically. Templates can be used in creation of an MQL4 program, as well. After that, one can start writing the program text. The supplemental information can be found in MQL4 Dictionary. The full description of the language with examples of how to use it is given there. After the program has been written, one has to compile it in MetaEditor. As a result of successful compiling, the executable program code will be created that can be launched or tested in the terminal.

A detailed description of MetaEditor can be found in its Help Files.