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Signals service It allows anyone to become a provider and sell trading signals or subscribe to them and follow the strategy of an experienced trader.

A user should have an active account to use the Signals service. If you do not have an account yet, please register. The account should be specified in the terminal settings.

Discover in 15 Minutes: Video on Trading Signals

Watch the below tutorial videos to learn about trading signals. Click on the video image to watch it.

Watch video: Trading signals showcase Watch video: Detailed statistics of a trading signal Watch video: Trade statistics, growth, equity & balance graphs Watch video: Risks, distribution, news and reviews of trading signals

Watch video: Visualize a signal on a chart Watch video: Subscribe to a trading signal Watch video: The report on the copied trades

Signal Providers

If you are a successful trader and would like to make money using your experience and skills, you can register as a Provider in the Signals service via website.

After completing the simple registration process, you will be able to connect your trading account to the monitoring system where all basic parameters of the account will be displayed.

Your account will be included to the list of available trading signals both on and directly in the trading terminal. Traders will be able to easily subscribe to your trading signals. Payments from traders will be delivered to your internal payment account.

Find out how to become a signal provider.

Signal Subscribers

The entire process is even simpler for Subscribers. Select a signal you are interested in right on website or in the client terminal. You will have to make just a few clicks to subscribe to his or her signals.

After subscribing to the signal, your trading account will be synchronized with the Provider's one. After that, all trading operations will be automatically performed on your account.

Working with the Signals service has a great number of advantages:

  • No need to conclude an agreement between a provider and an investor;
  • Copying of trading operations is fully automated. Your intervention is not required;
  • A Signals Provider and a Subscriber may have accounts at different brokerage companies;
  • Ultrafast data exchange protocols greatly reduce orders execution delays on a Subscriber's account;
  • Data transmission is absolutely secure;
  • Fixed subscription price, no additional commissions for subscription.

Find out how to subscribe to signals.