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MQL5 language is more powerful and allows users to develop very sophisticated programs.

Greater Operation Speed

Compared with the MQL4, the speed of execution of the MQL5 code has increased 4-20 times! The speed ​​of execution has almost reached the level of the C++ language, so in MQL5 you do not need to use third-party DLL to speed up calculations. In turn, the lack of DLL improves application security.

Similarity to С++

The syntax of the MQL5 language is very similar to one of the most popular programming languages C++. Therefore it is easy to learn, and you can easily translate programs from other modern programming languages into MQL5. MQL5 is an object-oriented language allowing you to take advantage of this programming approach - encapsulation and extensibility of types, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading and virtual functions.

OpenCL Support

MQL5 has native support for OpenCL in just one click. To use all of its benefits you do not need third-party libraries. Simply use specialized MQL5 functions. The OpenCL language is used for performing computations on video cards that support OpenCL 1.1 or higher.

Modern video cards contain hundreds of small specialized processors that can simultaneously perform simple mathematical operations with incoming data streams. The OpenCL language organizes parallel computing and provides greater speed for a certain class of tasks.