Two ready-to-use Forex tools for your site: Web Platform and Economic Calendar


29 June 2017

We have launched another tool, which can be used to extend website functionality. In addition to the web platform, we offer a free Economic Calendar that can be added to any website.

The web platform allows traders to perform technical analysis and trading operations on different markets, including exchanges using the Market Depth feature, while the Economic Calendar significantly expands the capabilities of fundamental traders. By using these two web applications, you can meet the major needs of traditional traders. With the mobile versions of the applications, your website will also look attractive on mobile devices.

Два готовых форекс-сервиса для вашего сайта: веб-платформа и экономический календарь

We keep expanding the functionality of these applications. Financial news and links to Forex services will soon be added to the web platform. Also the Economic Calendar will start featuring new indicators from the UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and other countries soon.

Despite the impressive functionality, the applications can be easily added to a website using a small code:

The customizable size support allows inserting the services to any part of a web page. Moreover, you can partner with a broker and receive an additional income by showing the broker's servers in the web platform.

Add the web applications to enrich your site content, attract new users and increase average visit time of your web resource. The new web functionality can ultimately generate additional income both direct and indirect.