Spain is now featured in Tradays economic calendar


21 January 2019

27 Spanish economy indicators are now included in our application for the fundamental market analysis. Tradays data is collected in real time from public sources, such as the Treasury of Spain, the Bank of Spain and the National Institute of Statistics.

Tradays mobile applications

By regularly checking the service, traders remain aware of all the indicators of the Spanish economy — from the harmonized Consumer Price Index to the 50-Year Obligation Auction chart. The calendar is easy to use in both the website and mobile applications:

Do you want to get extra information than the already included on the main calendar page? Click on a specific event and open additional information:

Tradays professional calendar is one of the most complete, accurate and fast calendars on the market. It is provided free of charge, it contains no ads and it can serve as a significant addition to any website. Over 2 000 resources, including brokers, market makers, economic media and trader blogs, have already installed Tradays web widget. This is a solid indication that the service is trustworthy and based on its authoritative data source, it can be efficiently used in any decision-making process.

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Adding a few lines of code in your website will attract fundamental traders. With Tradays widget, any webmaster can provide their audience with a free and legally burden-free tool for monitoring economic events.

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