New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 189

Release Notes: MetaTrader 4

3 February 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 189.

What’s new:
1. Fixed appearance of messages in internal mailing system;
2. Tester: The contents of Results and Graphs tabs will be cleared after testing settings (symbol, period, expert) have been changed;
3. Tester: If orders are closed forcedly, the same comments as in the trading server will be set in them;
4. Fixed refreshing of symbols list in the popup quotes window;
5. In objects of Ellipse, Gann’s Tools, Fibonacci Arcs, fixed scaling error in charts of symbols having the number of digits after point other than 4;
6. Fixed error in scaling of Fibonacci Arcs;
7. Remade and significantly expanded Help Files in English;
8. Fixed error of double expert deinitialization at closing of the chart;
9. Fixed looping error at recursive calls in experts;
10. Fixed critical error of memory access at simultaneous working of many experts;
11. *OnArray indicators are not shown in the Graphs of testing results anymore;
12. Sorting parameters of the «Account History» tab are saved in the terminal settings;
13. At generation of account status reports, closed positions are sorted like thos in the «Account History» tab;
14. Fixed receiving of news through data centers;
15. MQL4: Fixed processing of «continue» operator in a complex expression in «case» operator body.
16. In window «Navigator» after removing of the account from the accounts list of tab «Common», this account also will be removed from the list of tab «Favorites»;
17. Advanced status bar: after click on connection status the «Login» menu will shown as popup menu. And if there exists several access points of the server, then their list with the active connection will be displayed. At click on other access point, terminal will try to reconnect to server through selected access point.
18. Improved «Andrews` Pitchfork» object drawing.