France is now featured in Tradays economic calendar


12 December 2018

Further to the addition of Germany in the international Economic Calendar, one more country has been introduced — France. All indicators can be sorted by date (day, week or month), currency and importance. Data on macroeconomic events is collected in real time from public sources, such as the Bank of France and other state agencies.

The news trading logic is simple: traders can buy a currency if the macroeconomic indicator value is above the relevant forecast, and can sell the currency if the value is below. The higher the difference between the forecast and the actual data, the stronger the market reaction.

By regularly checking the app, traders remain informed on the releases of 28 French economy indices (and over 600 indicators for all countries), from the Harmonised CPI to the National Budget Balance.

France is now featured in Tradays

Traders can perform fundamental market analysis using the economic calendar web version or the mobile app:

The service features a web widget, which can be added add in your website and aid in attracting new visitors. Insert a few lines of code and provide users with the free tool for monitoring global economic events!

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