Invast Global prepares for iFX Expo with MetaTrader 5 Liquidity from 30 Exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, ASX, Xetra and Euronext


20 May 2019

Specialist multi-asset prime brokerage Invast Global will present a simple "one-click" MetaTrader 5 liquidity solution for brokers. Hedge funds, asset managers and global brokerage firms will receive single-stock pricing and execution across a breathtaking array of global stock exchanges, including leveraged long/short market access.

With connectivity to multiple exchanges, the service will allow retail brokers across the world to begin offering up to 30,000 single stocks alongside the traditional FX, Metals and Index instruments in MetaTrader 5. Invast Global will provide full operational support, including server configuration.

The Invast Global team have signed pricing distribution agreements with various exchanges. This significantly simplifies the process for brokers, meaning that they only need to have one price distribution agreement with Invast Global rather than a separate agreement with each exchange.

Mr Gavin White, Invast Global

Mr Gavin White, Invast Global

"By solving the operational issues around corporate actions and stock borrowing, we have suddenly made the multi-asset prospect a high-value, achievable proposition for retail brokers," says Invast Global CEO Mr Gavin White. "We have also solved the other major headache of exchange price redistribution and we have additionally provided the possibility to deliver data to retail brokers via API along with FX, Index and Metals liquidity. We think we have enabled a tipping point for the industry to begin the migration to multi-asset capability. There is no reason for brokers to confine themselves to the traditional retail offering."

Invast Global has offices in Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong and operates under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) issued by the ASIC. The JASDAQ-listed Japanese parent company Invast Securities Co. has a 60-year history as a Forex and Securities brokerage and enjoys stable, long-standing relationships with numerous tier-1 bank prime brokers.