23 August 2018

HotForex offers traders MetaTrader 5 with hedging

The launch of the new platform reflects the broker's goals — developing through the use of cutting-edge system solutions and high-quality customer service. HotForex team believes that MetaTrader 5 will suit the needs of traders who wish to master financial markets regardless of their trading style or preferred trading assets.

Features of the MetaTrader 5 offered by HotForex:

  • Full set of financial instruments
  • Support for multiple platforms — desktop, mobile and web versions are available
  • Leverage up to 1:1000 - enabling traders switching to MetaTrader 5 to apply any of their preferred strategies from the previous platform version
  • Hedging capabilities
  • Total control of trades

George Koumandaris, HotForex

George Koumandaris, HotForex

"We are aware that every trader is different, and we are always looking to ensure that our clients have the necessary tools to trade according to their preferred style, using the device of their choice", — says Mr George Koumandaris, CEO of HotForex. "Providing the MetaTrader 5 platform is the perfect extra boost that our clients need in order to enjoy even more trading possibilities. We are demonstrating that HotForex will continue offering the best possible trading solutions on the market".

21 August 2018

AMarkets clients switch to real trading in MetaTrader 5

The international broker has successfully completed testing of the new platform on demo accounts. The company clients can now open live trading accounts in MetaTrader 5 — ECN or Standard:

  • Standard accounts are suitable for all types of trading strategies and provide access to financial markets with any deposit.
  • ECN accounts are designed for professional traders, who prefer market execution of orders, sent directly to the liquidity providers.

The broker's team notes that the MetaTrader 5 interface allows traders to comfortably switch from MetaTrader 4, and outlines the important platform features:

  • The extended set of minute and hour timeframes. It is possible to monitor price fluctuation at a wider time range using М2-3-4-6-10-12-20 and Н2-3-6-8-12 timeframes.
  • One-click trading option in the Market Watch window.
  • The built-in economic calendar features upcoming events marked in accordance with their significance. Also, press conferences and news releases schedule is now displayed in the chart of the corresponding instrument.
  • The number of indicators and graphical objects for technical analysis has been increased.
  • The strategy tester is multi-threaded, allowing for expert advisors optimization within a matter of hours.

AMarkets clients switch to real trading in MetaTrader 5

"For over 10 consecutive years, AMarkets has been focusing on providing easy and flexible trading services to its clients. Keeping up to date with the latest top-tier technologies, we closely monitor all market trends and introduce only the best trading solutions. MetaTrader 5 is one of them. It was an inevitable step towards a better and more efficient service provision to both our clients and partners”, comments Chief Dealer AMarkets.

6 August 2018

Technical support website for MetaTrader platforms is now available in Chinese!

Chinese-speaking brokers and integrators can now access all necessary information in their native language. MetaTrader 5 is gaining momentum in East Asia: over a million traders and hundreds of brokers from China, Hong Kong and Singapore already use various versions of the trading platform. The launch of the Chinese support website version, in addition to the English and Russian versions, is directly related with the expansion of MetaQuotes' presence in the Asian continent.

Technical support website for MetaTrader platforms is now available in Chinese

The Technical Support Center provides unique information which cannot be found in other resources. In addition to a huge knowledge base and professional marketing materials, the website features the App Store of verified MetaTrader 5 solutions for brokerages. Documentation on Manager and Administrator terminals, multi-page FAQ sections with answers to critical questions and exclusive guides on back-office analytics and onboarding functionality are available only via the Support Center website.

The entire website interface has been translated into Chinese. Moreover, we will continue to further develop both the database and the interface, in an effort to sustain and increase the brokers operational efficiency. The user interface of MetaTrader Manager and Administrator terminals is also available in Chinese. Furthermore, we plan to introduce an updated website design and launch new projects, which will help MetaTrader brokers in further increasing their business expansion and continuity, from both a technological and a marketing point of view.

1 August 2018

Exness launches MetaTrader 5 with support for hedging on real accounts

The international broker offers its customers trading via the fifth generation platform developed by MetaQuotes Software.

Exness broker strives to provide traders with the best trading conditions, realizing their professional potential. The total trading volume of the Exness Group in 2017 comprised over 3.2 trillion USD, while the average monthly turnover exceeded 270 billion USD. The number of active clients as at May 2018 was more than 46 000.

Features of MetaTrader 5 offer from Exness:

  • All advantages of Classic and Mini accounts
  • Unprecedented reliability and execution speeds due to the use of the MetaTrader 5 architectural capabilities.

Petr Valov, Exness

Petr Valov, Exness

— The launch of MetaTrader 5 is a clear signal of intent that we will continue to provide the very best in trading opportunities and experiences to our global community of traders, — says Mr Petr Valov, CEO of Exness. — We are proud of the great relationship we have with MetaQuotes Software, and are excited to see our traders enjoy the new platform's extended capabilities.

31 July 2018

Antelope Systems launches CRM for MetaTrader 5 brokers

The Cyprus-based developer of Call Center software is entering the growing market of institutional solutions for MetaTrader 5. Antelope's CRM, Tracking and VOIP systems are combined into one smart interface, enabling brokers to have instant access to all the information required in maximizing their ROI. The comprehensive suite of Antelope Systems' tools are designed to increase efficiency and improve sales effectiveness through algorithmically automated processes, which reduce both manual labor and human decision making.

Antelope Systems' solutions include the 360 degree CRM, Ninja Lead Distribution software and Affiliate Management System. You can request Antelope applications from our App Store of ready-made brokerage plug-ins for MetaTrader 5.

Mr Ori Hazan, Antelope Systems

Mr Ori Hazan, Antelope Systems

"This positive and important step provides to Antelope Systems and to our clients a better all round experience" commented Mr Ori Hazan, the integration company's CEO. "Understanding that every call center operates in the golden triangle of marketing, lead management and phone systems, we have unified all into one optimized package for MetaTrader 5. Brokers operating in the new platform will soon be able to order our products in the MetaTrader 5 App Store — with the new marketplace, it has become much easier to find and integrate the desired solutions."

16 July 2018

Darwinex offers MetaTrader 5 traders a new investment model

In March 2018, the British broker added MetaTrader 5 to its platform offering, and later in May launched DJIA stocks trading via this platform. Having noticed a growing interest in this new offer from traders, Darwinex decided to launch the "hedge-fund as a service" model from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5.

Under this innovative model, traders perform trading operations on their brokerage account as normal while Darwinex quotes their strategy into the DARWIN investable asset. The risk is standardized and managed by Darwinex itself. A separate risk management layer protects the investor and enables an apple-to-apple comparison across trading strategies.

Mr Juan Colón, Darwinex

Mr Juan Colón, Darwinex

Mr Juan Colón, CEO of Darwinex, said, "Since adding the MetaTrader 5 platform to our brokerage offering, we have seen considerable interest from traders around the world. Extending our 'hedge fund as a service' model to additional platforms and asset classes was the logical step forward. The launch of new services for MetaTrader 5 traders is in line with our policy towards achieving the status of the leading innovative broker."

9 July 2018

Complete history of synthetic symbols in MetaTrader 5 build 1880

We have added calculation for the price history of synthetic symbols for the entire available data depth. Previously, the history was only calculated for the last two months. A deeper history could be created only upon an explicit request (when scrolling the chart to the left or calling Copy functions).

How it works

Each symbol used in the formula can have a price history of different depth. Therefore, the calculation is performed for the shortest available period. For example, the formula uses three financial instruments:

  • EURUSD with the history down to January 1, 2009
  • USDJPY with the history down to June 1, 2012
  • EURJPY with the history down to June 1, 2014

In this case, the history of the synthetic symbol will be calculated for a period from June 1, 2014 to the present. 100 minutes will be additionally discarded from this date, to ensure calculation integrity. If any minute bar is not available in history, a previous minute bar is used in the calculation.

Complete history of synthetic symbols in MetaTrader 5 build 1880

The U.S. Dollar Index equation is used in the example above:

USDX = 50.14348112*pow(ask(EURUSD),-0.576)*pow(USDJPY,0.136)*pow(ask(GBPUSD),-0.119)*pow(USDCAD,0.091)*pow(USDSEK,0.042)*pow(USDCHF,0.036)

If the history is deep, the calculation can take quite a long time. The history for the last two months is calculated first, in order to view the chart immediately. An earlier history is generated afterwards.

See the full list of changes implemented in MetaTrader 5 build 1880 for more information on the new version of the trading platform.

Download the updated MetaTrader 5 and try its new synthetic symbols features!

25 June 2018

B2Broker Investment Platform for MetaTrader 5 is now available in the broker App Store

The new platform is available as an automated investment service that can help brokerages increase their earnings. The platform allows businesses to launch an investment product in just a week and start attracting new clients. You can order the application in the MetaTrader 5 App Store — the store of ready-made broker software.

Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker

Mr. Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker

B2Broker's investment platform offers 3 account types:

  1. PAMM. In this model, all investment accounts are combined into one big pool. A money manager trades in one big account and all investors receive profits and losses in proportion to their investments. This model is suitable for HFT traders, investment funds and professional traders
  2. Social Trading. Investors copy deals of a selected money manager to their own accounts and can close them at their will. Also, investors can perform their own trading operations on such accounts. Social trading is the best way forward for amateurs and beginners, in learning how to trade, based on the experience of professional traders.
  3. MAM. It is the most popular account type in countries with strict regulation. This product is suitable for professional money managers who wish to have flexibility in managing investors' accounts. MAM is a copier based solution: investors' accounts are not combined into one big trading account but are maintained as stand-alone elements. Investors are not able to trade on investment accounts as they operate in the read-only mode.

3 in 1 investment platform

The integrator emphasizes, that the B2Broker 3 in 1 system runs via API — all copying operations are performed on the application side and do not load the MetaTrader 5 trade server. High execution speeds allow copying of 5,000 orders in less than a second. Being a service provider, B2Broker does not have access to sensitive data, since the system is hosted on the client's side.

Mr. Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker, commented, "When many providers offer similar products, it can be very hard to differentiate. The launch of our PAMM/MAM service can help brokerage companies make their offer outstanding, both for money managers and investors. In just one week, any MetaTrader 5 broker can launch our investment platform, which includes web-interfaces with a widget and a leader board of money managers. The price includes a one-time setup fee of $2,000, along with a monthly charge starting at $2,000/month, having a cap at $7,000/month."

21 June 2018

Brokeree Solutions releases PAMM for MetaTrader 5

Estonia-based provider of high-grade technology solutions for forex brokers released a new addition to its portfolio of MetaTrader 5 products - PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module). Since 2013, the company has developed a wide range of products for MetaTrader 4. Now, as the market switches to MetaTrader 5, Brokeree ships new solutions for MetaTrader 5 brokers. You can order Brokeree PAMM in the MetaTrader 5 AppStore — the store of ready-made broker software.

Andrey Kamyshanov, Brokeree Solutions

Andrey Kamyshanov, Brokeree Solutions

The PAMM solution for MetaTrader 5 has been built with end-user's preferences in mind. It provides user-friendly portals for investors and money managers, administrator web interface for comfortable configuration and no trading limitations for money managers.

To avoid server overload and execution latency with increasing trading volumes, the solution works with aggregated funds. Profits generated from trading are distributed among the investors based on the amount of their investment, according to the configured schedule. All trading data is displayed and integrated into trader's rooms web portals, enabling convenient money managers' performance monitoring. The PAMM-solution also includes a well thought-out functionality for commission calculations and a public website module with ratings and statistics features.

PAMM for MetaTrader 5

"Brokeree PAMM has been released to help MetaTrader 5 brokers organize asset management," explains Mr Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions. "We have taken into consideration a number of factors when developing the solution, such as performance, scalability, flexibility and end-customer orientation. We have created a robust solution allowing brokers to launch the money management service within a week without any extra effort."

18 June 2018

Major update of MetaTrader 5 for brokers: App Store and back office functionality

Third-party solutions have become available to brokers straight from the MetaTrader 5 Administrator build 1860. Previously, the market was only available as a web service. The App Store now features over 80 products from 16 software providers, including various liquidity, money management and integration solutions, data feeds, affiliate services and much more. Now, the desired product can be requested straight from the platform.

Third-party solutions have become available to brokers straight from the MetaTrader 5 Administrator build 1860

The Client concept has been introduced in the new build, allowing storage of all accounts belonging to one trader in a single profile. Thus, all departments of a brokerage company can conveniently work with the client. Also, the latest build features new functionality for analyzing the trader database and the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Various Client and trading account reports have been added in the MetaTrader 5 Manager terminal. These reports can quickly present large amounts of data and are provided with flexible filtering and sorting options. All processes in the platform are now conveniently visualized through dashboards.

The platform continues to evolve, so please follow the news.

18 June 2018

Five important MetaTrader 5 build 1860 features for algorithmic traders

Why you need to upgrade MetaTrader 5 right now, if you are using MQL5 and create trading robots:

  1. In response to popular demand from traders, we have added the following functions for operations with timeseries: iTime, iOpen, iHigh, iLow, iClose, iVolume, iBars, iBarShift, iLowest, iHighest, iRealVolume, iTickVolume and iSpread. Now, developers can easily transfer their MetaTrader 4 applications code to the fifth generation platform, since these functions have been migrated from MQL4. Detailed descriptions and function codes are available in the MetaTrader 5 build 1860 announcement.

  2. MQL5 applications can run faster due to the additional source code optimization during compilation. Recompile your programs with the new MetaEditor version to improve their performance.

  3. We have completely updated the optimization cache operation in the Strategy Tester. In earlier versions, optimization cache was stored as one XML file. All Expert Advisor optimization passes, with specified testing settings, were recorded to this file. Therefore, the same file stored optimization results with different input parameters. Now, the optimization cache is stored as separate binary files, for each set of optimized parameters. Strategy Tester operations, involving the optimization cache, have become significantly faster due to the new format and smaller file size. This can be significantly noticeable when you resume a paused optimization pass.

    Viewing results of previous optimizations.
    The results of previously performed optimizations can be viewed right in the Strategy Tester, so there is no need to analyze large XML files using third-party software. Open the "Optimization results" tab, select an Expert Advisor and a file with the desired optimization cache. The list contains all Expert Advisor optimization cache files available on the disk. Optimization date, testing settings (symbol, timeframe and interval) and input parameters are shown for each file. You can additionally filter optimization results by the trade server.

    Optimization results in Strategy Tester

    Recalculation of optimization criteria 'on the fly'
    The optimization criterion is a certain variable parameter, the value of which determines the quality of a tested set of inputs. The higher the value of the optimization criterion, the better the testing pass is considered to be.

    Previously, only one criterion selected before optimization start was calculated during optimization as such. You can now change the optimization criterion 'on the fly' from the results view mode — all values will be automatically recalculated in the Strategy Tester.
  4. The new version allows manual setting of the deposit currency and leverage to be used during testing and optimization. In earlier versions, these parameters were set in accordance with the connected account, so they could only be changed by switching to other accounts.

    Manual setting of the deposit currency and leverage

  5. The use of OpenCL is now allowed in testing agents. Previously, OpenCL devices were only allowed when testing on local agents. In the updated version, agents are allowed to use all available OpenCL devices (such as processors and video cards), both in the local network and in the MQL5 Cloud Network.

18 June 2018

New account opening dialog in MetaTrader 5: useful for traders and regulated brokers

The latest platform version features a revised start dialog: traders can select a broker first, and then choose the desired account type. To make the search easier and more efficient, company logos are additionally shown in the list. If you can't view the desired company, please type its name or server address in the search box.

New account opening dialog in MetaTrader 5

We have added account descriptions in the dialog to help beginners choose the right account type. Now, traders can clearly see the difference between real trading accounts and risk-free demo accounts. To help brokers align with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the updated account opening dialog contains links to the relevant agreements and data protection policies.

The latest platform version features a revised start dialog:

The real account acquisition procedure has become easier — MiFID and MiFID II regulated brokers can request the required information straight through the platform. In earlier platform versions, traders could upload documents through mobile terminals. Now, this functionality is also available in the desktop platforms.

Download MetaTrader 5 build 1860 and discover this new exciting functionality!

31 May 2018 profit climbed by 105% after MetaTrader 5 launch

Six months ago, South Africa's cheapest online broker replaced its ageing legacy trading platforms with MetaTrader 5. The adoption of the new platform enabled the company to meet the demands of local traders and to stay ahead of the competition in this highly competitive market.

"Since the launch of the platform six months ago, we have been receiving positive feedback about the ease of use and functionality of the platform," says Kurt Solomon, Brand Manager. "Many of our legacy clients have returned to because they are familiar with MetaTrader and we now have a lot more to offer."

Mr Kurt Solomon,

Mr Kurt Solomon, (Brand Manager)

The broker marks the following changes since the launch of MetaTrader 5:

  • Profit after tax has increased by 105% *
  • Trading revenue has increased by 14.5%
  • Trading activity has increased by 4%
  • Funded accounts have grown by 36%

*Compared to prior year interim results (September, 2016 - February, 2017). profit climbed by 105% after MetaTrader 5 launch

"The launch of the new MetaTrader 5 platform has received positive vibes by our partners, clients and staff, this adds even more to our bespoke offering" adds Mr Kurt Solomon. "This has also opened up global partnerships and opportunities with leading players in the fintech industry."

30 May 2018

JRG International Brokerage DMCC launched MetaTrader 5 for DGCX trading

The Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) brokerage house has launched the MetaTrader 5 platform for its clients. As an active Broker Clearing Member of the DGCX, JRG International has consistently been ranked as one of the top ten firms giving access to the DGCX’s products covering Currencies, Equities, Precious Metals and Hydrocarbons.

JRG International Brokerage DMCC has over 30 years investment expertise inherited from parent companies JRG Securities LTD (listed on the Indian Stock Exchange) and Apple Multi Asset DMCC (AMA). In October 2017, Apple Multi Asset DMCC (AMA) officially acquired a 100% equity stake in JRG International. The purchase completes the blueprint to connect India, China and Europe through a strategic central point as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. JRG International is currently one of the fastest growing brokerage houses in the U.A.E. The company is licensed by Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Mr Jiguang Yu and Mr Weihua Sheng, Directors of JRG International Brokerage DMCC

Mr Jiguang Yu and Mr Weihua Sheng, Directors of JRG International Brokerage DMCC

"Our efforts are focused upon empowering traders to trade on the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange using state-of-the-art technology and trading tools," says Mr Jiguang Yu, CEO of AMA and Director of JRG International. "Our acquisition of JRG and the introduction of the MetaTrader 5 Platform will help us to serve our customers better and also extend our services to multi-asset trading communities around the world."

"We welcome the expansion of Apple Multi Asset DMCC and we are pleased to see that they recognize the role which JRG International has played in being a staunch supporter of the DGCX," Mr Les Male comments, CEO of DGCX. "Further implementation of MetaTrader 5 will enable greater connectivity and speed for both themselves and their clients."

"The association with AMA and the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform will place JRG International at a vantage point and will enable them to reach out to new traders," says Mr Gaies Chreis, Chief Operating Officer of MetaQuotes Software Corp. "We believe that MetaTrader 5 will dovetail with the existing core competencies within the company allowing a true powerhouse to emerge."

22 May 2018

Gaining a foothold in Britain: Valutrades switches to MetaTrader 5

The London-based ECN broker announced the launch of MetaTrader 5 which is to become available to all existing and new accounts.

— MetaTrader 5 represents the next platform generation and is a quantum leap ahead, of the MetaTrader 4 platform, in both performance and functionality perspectives, — says Mr Graeme Watkins, CEO of Valutrades commenting on the platform selection. — While we have been aware of the MetaTrader 5 platform for some time now, the explosive growth in user demand over the last six months has made it an obvious and much needed addition to Valutrades product offering.

Graeme Watkins, Valutrades

Graeme Watkins, Valutrades

The broker eventually plans to offer a full suite of features for trading Forex, commodities and futures. All products will be available for standard and ECN accounts.

— The combination of the massive speed boost of the new platform, along with the oneZero liquidity hub and our ECN account type, will create an institutional grade execution experience, much faster compared to what has been previously available to retail clients, — Mr Watkins adds. — We are really excited to see our clients take advantage of this!

18 May 2018

MetaTrader 5 receives updated DMA solutions from oneZero in the Marketplace

A new offer from the US-based integrator includes advanced price monitoring tools, enhanced maker connectivity, and an improved oneZero Liquidity Hub gateway. You can order these solutions in the store of the ready-made broker software for MetaTrader 5.

Direct Market Access (DMA) from oneZero Financial Systems enables sending buy or sell orders directly to an exchange order book instead of using an intermediary broker-dealer or market maker. The Advanced Maker Controls component provides users with real-time control over the pricing they get from liquidity providers. Featuring an easy-to-use, single-screen interface, users can monitor spreads, freeze pricing, and disconnect or restart maker pricing on a per-symbol basis without stopping the application. These key enhancements are accompanied by new nightly market data reporting which allows brokers to report their market data distribution to liquidity providers.

DMA capabilities cater to institutional and B2B clients. DMA features are configurable via the oneZero GUI or a scalable API which helps institutions fit the MetaTrader 5 gateway into their existing infrastructures. The integrator believes that the new solution will allow market participants to combine the technological power of MetaTrader platforms with the leading interbank liquidity providers.

Andrew Ralich, oneZero

Andrew Ralich, oneZero

"We’ve been experiencing a massive uptick in demand for these types of DMA capabilities, and we’re very pleased to bring them to the MetaTrader 5 platform," says oneZero CEO, Mr. Andrew Ralich. "This expansion not only greatly enhances the value of the alliance between oneZero and MetaQuotes for end users, but it is also a prime example of oneZero’s commitment in providing top-tier liquidity to MetaTrader 5 clients via our MetaTrader 5 Gateway."
Interbank liquidity providers available in the DMA solution from oneZero Financial Systems:

  • Activ
  • Bloomberg
  • Cboe
  • ICE
  • IG DMA
  • Interactive Brokers
  • IRESS SmartHub
  • Morningstar
  • Saxo DMA
  • Thomson Reuters

Based in Cambridge, Mass., oneZero Financial Systems empowers all brokerages with the trading technology to compete effectively in global markets. Featuring a low-latency trading environment, proven liquidity, and reliable IT infrastructure and technical support—the oneZero Liquidity Hub is designed to be customized and scaled to serve any business model and any broker, independent of the size.

17 May 2018

Darwinex offers trading stocks of 30 companies from Dow Jones Industrial Average via MetaTrader 5

The UK-based broker has opened direct market access (DMA) for trading stocks. As a first step, Darwinex has launched 30 US stocks, present in the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) index via the MetaTrader 5 platform. Ultimately, the company expects to attract new traders willing to diversify their trading.

The goal of Darwinex is to offer its customers a wide range of stocks, of various companies around the world. Therefore, the range of tools will expand even further. After testing the new offer under real conditions, the broker is going to increase the number of US stocks and add European companies.

Darwinex founders — brothers Javier and Juan Colóns

Darwinex founders — brothers Javier and Juan Colóns

Darwinex is a fast-growing FCA regulated broker and asset manager, employing 50 people across its London and Madrid offices. The broker offers clients DMA execution at competitive rates, combined with access to more than $50 million in third-party capital, managed by Darwinex.

— 2018 is a key year for Darwinex as we look to broaden our reach through additional asset classes and trading platforms, — says Mr Juan Colón, CEO of Darwinex. — MetaTrader 5 and stocks are just the start of our journey in becoming a full service multi-asset, multi-platform broker. Our product roadmap is packed with exciting updates as we want to be the ultimate choice for every trader seeking access to the best education, execution, information and capital.

16 May 2018

ImpacTech releases intelligent data-driven CRM for MetaTrader 5

The Cyprus-based FinTech provider offers brokers an intelligent enterprise management system ImpactCRM. You can order it in our Marketplace of ready-made brokerage solutions for MetaTrader 5. The product seamlessly integrates with the platform and scales easily in accordance with your business growth. The modular architecture of ImpactCRM offers out-of-the-box connectivity with 250 payment providers, Back Office Tools, Risk Management Analytics and provides integration with Accounting Software and KYC Databases.

ImpacTech was founded by a group of entrepreneurial IT professionals who have set among themselves the goal of becoming global leaders in the FinTech sector. Headed up by its CEO, Mr George Larkou, ImpacTech employs an elite team of Big Data experts and developers with substantial experience in the Forex industry. ImpacTech’s brokerage solutions help streamline brokerage processes, optimize client experience and boost sales.

George Larkou, ImpacTech

George Larkou, ImpacTech

ImpacTech's business solutions include:

  • ImpactCRM — the software delivers a coordinated customer management process across sales, customer support and marketing, and drives better results without additional burden to the workforce. It increases efficiency in financial institutions' everyday processes and thus reduces costs and maximizes sales opportunities.

  • White Label Brokerage. This is a turnkey, cost-effective MetaTrader 5 brokerage solution which includes multiple liquidity providers, bridges, data feeds, trading signals and educational resources.

  • Marketing Tools — successful campaigns are optimized via Big Data analysis and Machine Learning. Available as a stand-alone solution that integrates with ImpactCRM for even greater effectiveness.

  • Telecom — a cost-effective, award-winning cloud-based solution. It integrates with ImpactCRM, but can also be adopted as a stand-alone solution.

ImpacTech Business Solutions for MetaTrader 5

"Our Big Data/AI-driven CRM integrates seamlessly with MetaTrader 5 platforms", – as Mr George Larkou, CEO of ImpacTech, explained. "The system can be tailored to the broker's needs while it remains flexible enough to follow company growth and expansion".

All of ImpacTech's business solutions are available through the MetaTrader 5 Marketplace.

15 May 2018

Admiral Markets adds 4,000 new stocks for MetaTrader 5 accounts

The international broker has announced the biggest instruments expansion they have ever made. Admiral Markets clients holding MetaTrader 5 accounts are given access to over 4,000 stocks and 100 ETFs. Together with the previously available instruments, this offering has become one of the largest among all online trading venues.

The new Admiral Markets offering for investors provides stocks and exchange-traded funds from the following exchanges:

  1. Austria (VIE)
  2. Belgium (Euronext)
  3. Denmark (CSE)
  4. Finland (NASDAQ)
  5. France (Euronext)
  6. Germany (Xetra)
  7. Netherlands (Euronext)
  8. Norway (NASDAQ)
  9. Portugal (Euronext)
  10. Spain (BME)
  11. Sweden (NASDAQ)
  12. Switzerland (SWX)
  13. UK (LSE)
  14. US (AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE)

Jens Chrzanowski, Admiral Markets Group AS

Jens Chrzanowski, Admiral Markets Group AS

— We are delighted to make these classic investment opportunities available at Admiral Markets. — says Mr Jens Chrzanowski, Member of the Management Board of Admiral Markets Group AS. — Traders might not always want to trade short-term, which is quite usual for any leveraged product; sometimes you might prefer to invest for a longer period of time. In this case, the 'classic' equities, such as stocks are more relevant. Also, let's not forget about ETFs, which are quite popular in the past years and now also available on MetaTrader 5. ETFs or exchange-traded funds are 'passively managed', without a high management fee. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on an exchange. Moreover, ETFs typically have a higher daily liquidity, which makes them an attractive alternative for investors.

— We have taken a great leap forward in terms of promotion of the world's most advanced trading platform — MetaTrader 5, among the trading community and classic investors, — sums up Mr Chrzanowski. — While the former get access to investment opportunities, the latter obtain an incredibly powerful trading tool. Without the capabilities of MetaTrader 5, which is as different from MetaTrader 4 as the modern electric car is from the good old diesel, it would not be possible to provide such a diverse offering."

The broker encourages all clients with MetaTrader 4 accounts to learn more about MetaTrader 5 and consider switching to Admiral.MT5 and/or Admiral.Invest accounts, as MetaTrader 4 has reached its technical limits with the current offering.

14 May 2018

USGFX benefits from the surge of interest for MetaTrader 5 in Australia

USGFX was one of the first Australian brokers to offer MetaTrader 5 to their traders back in August2017. Now, after 9 months, the company is reaping the benefits of adding MetaTrader 5 to its choice of trading platforms by attracting new clients and increasing business from existing clients.

According to Shay Zakhaim, Chief Executive Officer, USGFX, "The architecture of MetaTrader 5 sets it apart from all other trading platforms in the market. It has become a platform of choice for many of our clients and has also attracted plenty of new traders to our brokerage. We regularly receive extremely positive feedback, especially from traders who have migrated from MetaTrader 4. They particularly like the additional timeframes and superior analytics available through the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Шей Захаим, USGFX

Shay Zakhaim: "We regularly receive extremely positive feedback from traders who have migrated from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5"

A further advantage, according to Shay Zakhaim, is the integrated all-in-one multi functionality. He cites MetaTrader Market — which gives USGFX’s clients access to a vast online store of trading robots — as an additional key benefit.

USGFX deploys Gold-i's MetaTrader 5 Gateway for access to multi-asset liquidity providers. The Gateway enables traders to benefit from ultra-low latency and risk coverage with banks in real-time.

"We are very proud to have been an early adopter of MetaTrader 5, and we have worked with Gold-i for many years," adds Shay Zakhaim, commenting on the cooperation between the three companies. "Gold-i's MT5 Gateway enhances the multi-asset features of the platform and provides us with fast and reliable integration between retail and institutional trading systems."

Tom Higgins, Gold-i

Tom Higgins, Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i adds, " Gold-i is delighted that USGFX, one of the early adopters of MetaTrader 5 in Australia, is experiencing tangible business benefits from our partnership."

USGFX is an award-winning Australian FX broker, specialising in the provision of unrivalled forex education and smart trading tools to help traders make better, more informed trading decisions.